Product Name:KD-THIII Tissue Flotation Bath

Product Categories:Water Bath&Slide Dryer

◆ Broad LCD, indicating the heating state with icon to show clearly , easy operation 
◆ The new PTC calorific material has been used to make it heat up quickly and heated equally, small in the heat inertia for energy-saving
◆ The temperature survey integrated block from American DALLAS Corporation has been used to make it precise in temperature survey and credible in performance
◆ Spreading bath, roasting plate is controlled separately, work independent without affect each other
◆ Automatically memorization and recover, resetting temperature stored as the instrument start to work
◆ Adopted with LED tech light transmission, convex lens reflex easily, low voltage, low energy-consumption
Technical specifications: 
◆ Temperature range of instrument :ambient~99℃
◆ Precision :±1℃ 
◆ Size of spreading bath: 259x140x65 mm (inner)
◆ Size of baking plate: 110x70mm
◆ Size of roasting plate: 140x70mm
◆ Voltage: AC220V 50HZ / AC110V 60HZ
◆ Power: 200 VA
◆ Dimension: 370x440x140mm
◆ Weight: 6.0kg

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