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Product Name:KD-RS5 Dyeing machine

Categroies:Staining Machine

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◆Electronic Module design.the stainer meet requirements either conventional staining or special staining.for different laboratories,
And staining can achieve simultatously or individually for good effection.
◆Color Touch screen screen make date-in and search convenient,different staining programme and the progress displayed in the interface.
◆Staining programme started by color code,and it constantly shown on the Interface.
◆10 Sets programmes,10 pcs staining rack can be processed simultaneously,and any programme runs in anytime.
◆26 Reagent Station,two of them can be standby station.it optimize staining progress when several staining rack works simultaneously.
◆Staining rack enter and come out by up and down loading drawers.2racks for upload,and 3 racks for download.
◆Mechanical arm reach at any station in 1 second at high speed,
Rising and Falling Frequency for staining rack can be set
Capacity of staining: 400pcs slides in one hour
Technical Specifications:
◆Capacity of Staining Rack:  30pcs slides
◆Loading Capacity: up to 10 different Rack for different programme(Continuous Loading)
◆Nos of Station: 36
◆Nos of Reagent station: 26
◆Nos of Washing Tank: 5
◆Capacity of Reagent Station: 500ml
◆Nos of Uploading:  2
◆Nos of downloading: 3
◆Nos of Programme:  10
◆Working Voltage: 220VAC±10%,50/60HZ
◆Power Draw: 200W
◆Overall Dimension: 1050mm×615mm×590mm(W X D X H)