KD-BMIV 生物组织包埋机(6升)

Product Name:KD-BMIV Embedding center

Product Categories:Embedding Center

◆ use OLED modules for display, power, clear writing, no backlight, the display at any angle can be clearly observed data, no angle blind spot.◆Paraffin Chamber Capacity:  ≥6 liters
◆Temperature Ranges: RT - 85℃: 
◆Temperature Control Precision: ±1%
◆Paraffin Flow Control: Paraffin flow control via finger touch plate and optional foot pedal
◆Fully programmable ON/OFF control allows automatic system start and stop anytime weekly 
◆Dimensions of Paraffin Chamber (BMIV): 495×132×95mm(W x D x H)
◆Dimensions of Thermal Chamber (each of two) : 240×160×50 mm(W x D x H
◆Working area of Embedding Module: 540mm×93mm
◆Dimensions of small cold plate: 60×50mm
◆Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz
◆Power: 1000W (KD-BMⅣ) 
◆Dimensions: 670×575×395mm(W x D x H) (KD-BMⅣ)
◆Net weight: 38.5kg (KD-BMⅣ)  

◆ low pressure safety LED lighting, illumination, up, down, left and right to self-adjust based on user demand, more convenient observation tissues.
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