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Product Name:Kd-tk spreading and baking machine

Categroies:Water Bath&Slide Dryer

Product code:201


Functional features:
◇ full computer automatic control program, controlled by single-chip microprocessor imported from the United States, with complete functions and simple setting
◇ wide pure green digital display module, clear display, real-time display of all parameters of working state, and more intuitive data
◇ the temperature measurement adopts the temperature measurement integrated block of Dallas company imported from the United States, with high precision and reliable performance
◇ new heating element, fast heating, long service life and energy saving
◇ unique temperature measurement design, direct collection of operating environment temperature, more accurate temperature measurement
◇ pre interface with real-time acquisition of online temperature (Network) (optional)
◇ it has memory function and automatically retains the set temperature after operation
◇ triple overheating protection device; Safe and reliable
◇ low voltage DC lighting system, horizontal lighting design, not dazzling, clearer observation
◇ high borosilicate high temperature resistant glass heating pot with high light transmittance, split design, convenient liquid change and maintenance
◇ PID two-way independent control of spreading and baking temperature, which does not affect each other
◇ it has the functions of lighting brightness adjustment and display brightness adjustment
◇ configure high-precision clock, multi window independent display, and clear working state
◇ the machine can be switched on and off at any time every week, and the timing of the whole machine, spreading and baking can be preset respectively
◇ it has power-off memory and self starting function
◇ scientific physical inclination, sawtooth baking table, easy to put and take
◇ special black material baking table, corrosion and wear resistant
Main technical parameters:
◇ temperature control range of spreading: room temperature ~ 70 ℃
◇ temperature control range of baking sheet: room temperature ~ 100 ℃
◇ temperature control range of baking sheet: room temperature ~ 100 ℃
◇ control accuracy: ± 2 ℃
◇ pan size: 210 × one hundred and seventy × 55 (mm)
◇ size of baking table: 250 × 108 (mm) (50 slides)
◇ power supply voltage: AC 100V ~ 120V / AC 220V ~ 240V
◇ power frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
◇ power: 400W
◇ overall size: 460 × three hundred and ten × 135 (mm)
◇ overall weight: 6kg