KD-BMIV,BLIV 生物组织冷冻包埋机{6升、带冷台}

Product Name:KD-BMIV,BLIV Tissue Embedding &Cooling System

Product Categories:Embedding Center

◆OLED screen: energy-saving, crisp display without the necessity of background light, clear vision without blind spots from any angle;
◆Flexible heating mechanism and PID technology are used to achieve fast heating and precise temperature control;
◆Seven working areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal Storage Compartments, heating plate (working plate), small Cooling Plate, and Cryo Module are individually controlled and work independently without interference by each other;
◆Adjustable gravity-feed paraffin dispenser using latest heating and DC low-voltage control mechanism: dispenser is heated with wrapping-type heating film to achieve smooth, safe and reliable heating;
◆Trimming plates at both sides for convenient tissue block trimming;
◆A big magnifying glass can be adjusted at any direction and angle, suitable for embedding extremely small tissue specimens;
◆Manual and automated operation modes: under a manual mode, the system can be started and stopped any time; under an automated mode, ON/OFF can be set at any weekday, hour and minute; all settings are automatically stored once the program starts to run;
◆All buttons are equipped with luminotron to clearly show the working status;
◆Low-voltage, safe and bright LED lamp: both angle and brightness are adjustable, enabling easy and convenient specimen observation;
◆Flexible module configuration options (left-to-right or right-to-left) through a design separating Cryo Module from Embedding Module; Cryo Module can be automatically started or stopped along with Embedding Module by optionally using a power serial port;
◆Freezing temperature can be adjusted due to the use of a new-type inverter compressor;
◆There is an automatic actuation, can make sure the unit will continue working after a power-down.

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